About Us


Thankyou for visiting my site, I am a natural equine healer and communicator during my life there have been many ups and downs resulting in depression in 2000, I tried all the conventional drugs but they didn't seem to help.  I felt that I needed to find the root problem before I could begin my recovery.  I received healing and councelling and started my recovery greatly aided by my horses.

As a result of my own experiance I embarked on a journey lasting 11 years.  Studying and developing my Equine Therapy I studied the horse, their ways of communication and fantastic spirit, With the help of the late Bill Harrison I developed my Healing and trained with The Healing International Network  both with animals and humans, I have studied Equine Assisted Therapy and the benefits horses can bring to people with depression, anxiety etc. it enables people to loose the ego and reconnect with your soul and who you really are and to start living again.  

The horse has much to say over recent years there has been a need to train and dominate horses to take away their free spirit and independence.  It has become clever to stand on your horses back - would you do this to a fellow human being?  It is time for the horse to be heard and people to listen and learn from them, they have a lot to teach us if only we would listen and work with them not dominate or against them but listen to them and work together.

Horses have much to teach us if only we would listen- can you hear it???? the voice????? THE HORSES VOICE

I am based in Dorset but will travel where needed.

I hold full Insurance for the therapies and teaching that I do - certificate is available for inspection at the time of treatment.