Testimonials-problem horse

Sam 2005

I first met Sam at my friends yard where he had been sent for schooling as his owner could not do anything with him.  I was called into see if I could find out a little about his past as he had been purchased at an auction and nobody really new very much about him apart from he could be vicious with no warning and seemed to find it difficult to trust people especially men.  The first session didn't go to well, I went to go into his stable and Sam didn't think this was a good idea and lunged at me with his teeth! I started healing over the stable door and after a while he did let me into the stable but no way would he let me touch him.  The first two sessions werespent like this and then on the hird visit he did let me put my hand on his shoulder.  This poor horse had so much to communicate - he did this by showing me pictures. I could see him very thin being loaded into a lorry by a man and Sam slipped and fell and couldn't get back up.  I then saw pictures of the man whipping Sam to try and make him move as I saw these pictures Sam's owner noticed the weals coming up on his coat from where he had been whipped. - this can sometimes happen when a horse is trying to communicate with me they do after a while go back down.- Sam had had a hard life he had never really known kindness and didn't know how to react to it.  I was able to communicate to Sam tht the life he had was now behind him and he needed to start trusting his new owner and life would be much better.  I carried on healing Sam for two months working with him and then with him and his owner and I am pleased to say that they now have a good relationship but Sam will still not let a man touch him-who can blame him??


Rex  2007

Rex was a 17hh grey german warm blood dressage horse, incredibly well bred, his owner Amanda called me out because although he was doing well with his schooling he had a problem holding it together in the dressage arena-he would just explode-for what appeared to be know reason.  When I first met Rex his character shon through-he was incredibley cheeky and for some unknown reason talked with an Irish accent.  I had no problem communicating with Rex his problem was being quite and listening to me!! After a while I managed to get him to focus and he told me about his upbringing in Germany, he showed me the stables which looked out onto the school, he wouldn't tell me much about his riders only about the way that they treated him, as I was healing him he had a huge issue with taking healing around his lower hind legs.  I then saw a picture of his hind legs being hobbled and he could not move very easily.  Again the marks came up where they had been and also weals showed along his side this had been his punishment.  The nature and character of this horse made it very difficult for him to concentrate on one thing for long this was his personality the same way that not every human could be a brain surgeon and as a result of being himself he had sufferd terribly.  After a while Amanda decided that Rex's character really was not suited to dressage and she rehomed him in a non-competitive home where he is taken for long canters on the beach and loved for who he is. I can still hear him now to be sure to be sure!!     


Merlin 2011

I was called out to Merlin this year by his owner because she couldn't seem to build a relationship with him.

I arrived to find a beautiful haflinger x thoroughbred at first he didn't realy want to know me and kept backing away. Eventualy he let me put my hands on him and I told his owner that he was a very insecure chap, I could see him as a foal very alone and scared he was in very poor condition.  He was in a horrible rundown barn with muck and rubbish everywhere, he was too young to be weaned but his mother was not there.  I told his owner that this was why he clung to his equine friends so much and suffered terribly with seperation anxiety.  He was totally blocked on his left side and it took a long while for him to let me treat this side.  

At the end of the healing his owner confirmed that he had been involved in a rspca rescue as a foal and his mother could have been one of the dead horses found there. she confirmed that he clings to his friends and she is unable to ride him on his own, when she purchased him from his old owner they told her to reverse the lorry to his stable loaded him and told her to go and he would settle- he didn't he completely freaked about being on his own and managed to get the otherside of the partition falling onto his left-side.  His owner purchased him as a hack and to take to dressage and local shows but she has realised that she will not be able to take him on his own and this is something that she wasn't prepared for.  We are trying to find Merlin a new home where his requirements can be totally met.  

This is another case where the truth is not told at the time of selling please put the interest of the horse first and be honest for the sake of the horse. 


Zara 2004

I was called out to Zara who had been lame for a number of months, the vet had been called every avenue looked down and they were all convinced the problem was in the back.  As a last try I was called the horse was beautiful a bright chestnut I started examining Zara and felt a place on her hoof where it was very hot to touch-I can pick up heat on the body of a horse where nobody else can feel it- her owner could not feel the heat but Zara was very open with me and told me that she had sore feet. I told her owner this she called her vet who said impossible but when her owner insisted on an x-ray it showed that she was suffering from pedal osteitis medication was given and specialised shoing by the farrier and she is still being ridden today.



I treated a beautiful little shetland pony last weekend. Clare, her owner had called me out to come and see Carlie as she had just bought her as her old owner could not get anywhere near her and was considering having her shot.  Clare had asked her vet to look at the pony and he could not find anything wrong with her.

When I arrived at the yard Carlie was tied to the fence looking very tense and nervous.  I approached Carlie after getting down to her eye level and slowly touched her face, she went to move away and I kept talking to her and gently stroking until she was happy for me to be near her, I then very slowly started the healing and worked my hands down her body.  If Carlie became upset I went back to her head and slowly started again until eventually I reached the area before her pelvis, here there was a huge amount of energy and Carlie became very worried I moved my hands away from the area for a bit and slowly she let me keep them there.  When we reached this statge I felt an intense pressure circling my waist I could sense that Carlie was stuck and because it was all the way around her body I thought it was when she was born.  Clare phoned her old owner who had bred her and she confirmed that the birth had been straight forward, I kept on working and Carlie lowerd her head and bit my black boot at that moment I could see her hanging and all she could see was this large black boot.  I started to also dowse on the area and I have never felt so much energy coming through the chain and being released.  I could not get any more information from the pony so I dowsed over the area asking her questions with a yes and no answer.  It was no to the birth - I had thought birth because the pressure was right around her body and forgot how small she was - I then asked farrier and the answer was yes. Later that day I received this email from Clare:      

 Hi Elaine,I just thought you would be interested to know some info that Pat told me today. It does appear she had a terrifying incident with her farrier. she was already quite an anxious foal, was 6 months old having her feet done for the first time. Was in a pen and the farrier, a big heavy chap, couldnt catch her, Pat can clearly remember it, was looking on. The farrier got very angry with Carlie. (Pat took me to where it all happened). Eventually the farrier grabbed Carlie around the belly near her hind legs and gripped her hard, she really panicked but he held on and angry, he threw her against the fencing and pinned her front end down under his leg so she was looking down at his foot, she was very stuck. He trimmed her feet and told Pat to have her shot, as she was such a dreadful pony. Pat never had him back and was able to recall it clearly. Carlie was always terrible to handle from there on hence. She has always been dreadful for the farrier since and was only slightly better when done a couple of weeks ago.I will use a female farrier for her. Happy ending though,We went and told Carlie tonight that she was staying with us forever, she came over to the gate when I called her! Think you were spot on with al that you said, given Pats info! kind regards, Clare & Carlie

This is one example of how a bad experiance in the early part of a horse or ponies life can effect them if your pony is being naughty or difficult please ask yourself why there is always a reason.


2007 To now

I would not have the happy horse I now have without Elaine's work Clare and Red Somerset