I treated a beautiful little shetland pony last weekend. Clare, her owner had called me out to come and see Carlie as she had just bought her as her old owner could not get anywhere near her and was considering having her shot.  Clare had asked her vet to look at the pony and he could not find anything wrong with her.

When I arrived at the yard Carlie was tied to the fence looking very tense and nervous.  I approached Carlie after getting down to her eye level and slowly touched her face, she went to move away and I kept talking to her and gently stroking until she was happy for me to be near her, I then very slowly started the healing and worked my hands down her body.  If Carlie became upset I went back to her head and slowly started again until eventually I reached the area before her pelvis, here there was a huge amount of energy and Carlie became very worried I moved my hands away from the area for a bit and slowly she let me keep them there.  When we reached this statge I felt an intense pressure circling my waist I could sense that Carlie was stuck and because it was all the way around her body I thought it was when she was born.  Clare phoned her old owner who had bred her and she confirmed that the birth had been straight forward, I kept on working and Carlie lowerd her head and bit my black boot at that moment I could see her hanging and all she could see was this large black boot.  I started to also dowse on the area and I have never felt so much energy coming through the chain and being released.  I could not get any more information from the pony so I dowsed over the area asking her questions with a yes and no answer.  It was no to the birth - I had thought birth because the pressure was right around her body and forgot how small she was - I then asked farrier and the answer was yes. Later that day I received this email from Clare:      

 Hi Elaine,I just thought you would be interested to know some info that Pat told me today. It does appear she had a terrifying incident with her farrier. she was already quite an anxious foal, was 6 months old having her feet done for the first time. Was in a pen and the farrier, a big heavy chap, couldnt catch her, Pat can clearly remember it, was looking on. The farrier got very angry with Carlie. (Pat took me to where it all happened). Eventually the farrier grabbed Carlie around the belly near her hind legs and gripped her hard, she really panicked but he held on and angry, he threw her against the fencing and pinned her front end down under his leg so she was looking down at his foot, she was very stuck. He trimmed her feet and told Pat to have her shot, as she was such a dreadful pony. Pat never had him back and was able to recall it clearly. Carlie was always terrible to handle from there on hence. She has always been dreadful for the farrier since and was only slightly better when done a couple of weeks ago.I will use a female farrier for her. Happy ending though,We went and told Carlie tonight that she was staying with us forever, she came over to the gate when I called her! Think you were spot on with al that you said, given Pats info! kind regards, Clare & Carlie

This is one example of how a bad experiance in the early part of a horse or ponies life can effect them if your pony is being naughty or difficult please ask yourself why there is always a reason.